Friday, August 1, 2008

My baby girl is THREE!!!

I might faint. When did this happen that I actually have two preschoolers?!?!? Carson has been wearing panties (as opposed to pull-ups) for 3 weeks now. Wow. And today is her BIRTHDAY!!! We stopped at Wal-Mart this morning (for the second day in a row!) and got little cupcakes to celebrate with her class at school, and I caved and let both munchkins get bavarian-creme-filled, chocolate icing & sprinkle-covered donuts. And then, as if I hadn't already lost it allowing my children to basically go into sugar shock at 7:30am, I allowed them to *GASP* eat them in my CAR!

Fun times, right here in River City, I tell ya.

We went to Cole's "orientation"/meet-the-teacher gig at Berry Child Development Center last night. He was there (in Sunshine Cottage) last year - and this year he's in Faith Cottage (the 4 year old cottage) with Mrs. Bray & Mrs. Forsyth. AND, a lot of his old friends that he hasn't seen since December were there - mainly Parker Kelly (there were two Parkers in Sunshine Cottage, so the Parkers both went by their full names) and Ella Grace (his "girlfriend" that he married on the playground...tee hee...too cute.)

Carson has now decided that she IS a big girl, after all, and would like to go to Berry with her brother. So, hopefully someone will be unable to attend and she'll get into Sunshine with the sweethearts Mrs. Mull & Mrs. Simpkins.

It's FRIDAY...woo hoo. We're having dinner to celebrate Carsie's birthday - she picked Los Palmas (local mexican joint) and lots of folks are coming (if you're local, meet us there at 6:30! No gift required...)

I found some sushi buddies - my crazy aunt Carol, and Soozalicious ;) - so I'm going for sushi tomorrow for MY birthday. Things are good. Now I just have to finish preparing for my felony trials next week. Fun times.


  1. Happy birthday Carson!!! 3 already ~ wow! And, of course, happy birthday to you JJ. I'm so glad you found sushi partners. ENJOY!

  2. Happy Birthday Carsie!

    And Happy Early Birthday to the perpetual 29 year old!

    We miss you JJ!

  3. Happy Birthday JJ and Casron!
    Sounds like you have fabulous birthday plans. I hope you both really enjoy the weekend.

    Miss you!