Wednesday, August 20, 2008

~~~News Flash~~~

Hey y'all. As of right now, if I get 2 more views, I will break the 4-digit hit threshold (see my counter over in the sidebar!!!)

Oh - and I need to publicly make the following announcements in response to some emails/messages I've gotten from you (anonymous) faithful readers:

1. YES - at some point I WILL in fact put SOMETHING for sale in my Etsy's just that this full-time trial lawyer/full-time single mommy gig is kind of time consuming and doesn't leave much personal creative time...

2. I STILL don't have cable at my house. We live too far in the boonies (so I'm told) for DSL. Thus, I have no internet at home...which leaves me to the devices available to me at work - meaning, my government issued computer which blocks, logs, and reports about 60% of the internet content I try to view, even if completely innocent. Thus, I am UNABLE to check my MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn pages...nor can I access any message-board or forum-enabled site...and I also can't get into photobucket (which also chaps my hide). SO, if you have been messaging me on MySpace, Facebook, excoboard, LinkedIn or anything of the sort...I'm not there (though believe you me, I wish I were ;) ) One day soon, the world will turn right side up again and I may indulge in cable TV and Internet again (oh, Project Runway, how I miss THEE!!!)

Thank you. PSA is now over. Have a good one.

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