Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Uh, do the Humpty Hump...

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Carsie started at Berry Child Development Center today (which is where Cole attends) and BONUS! - she's in Sunshine Cottage - Cole's class from last year. I really like having two kids a year apart. How lucky am I to have a boy AND a girl and they're super close and polar opposites at the same time.

I missed them on my beachy girly weekend. Last night I met them and Claire (aka Mema) at Taco Bell in Gadsden...Cole & Carson got NEW SHOES...AGAIN! WOOHOO!!! Cole's are skechers (cool!) and Carsie's are knee high biker boots (tee hee)...

On the way back to Rome GA - they're in the back seat discussing the finer points of the movies/kid shows they watched on DVD over the long weekend. Berenstain Bears, Arthur, Transformers, etc. So then Cole has a bright idea - "Hey Carse - let's play 'Transformers', ok?" - Carson wholeheartedly agrees and Cole asks her which one she wants to be - she wants to be "Bumblebee" and Cole accepts and decides he will be "Optimus Prime" - then considers for a moment and says - "Hey, Mom - which transformer will you be...?" Well, I remember the name of only one Transformer - andd it was Optimus Prime, which obviously was already I say "I don't know bud, who do YOU think I should be? Carsie's Bumblebee and you are Optimus Prime, who should I be?"

Cole's response? "Blockhead. You will be really good at being Blockhead, Ma."

<<<***SIGH***>>> Ah, well - the sacrifices of Mom - I guess I'll be the best Blockhead I can be. ;)

Oh, and it bugged me all night that I forgot one of the MAJOR highlights of our karaoke night in my haste to post the last entry.

- Sooz singing "WANTED: Dead or Alive" and riding an inflatable man-part around the bar which was generously loaned, without solicitation, from the crazy bachelorettes. ;)


  1. Thanks for the shoutout. I thought maybe you had censored it!

  2. ok, i laughed out loud and I have no voice, so it was hearty and crackly too.