Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Seasons Change

Last year, Cole was in a class of 3 year olds at the Berry Child Development Center. That class is in "Sunshine Cottage" - now, Carsie is 3 and is in Sunshine Cottage and Cole has moved up to the 4-year old "Faith Cottage"...lovely names.

Anyway, so in late-August/Early September last year, the theme of the week at Sunshine Cottage was the seasons...Mrs. Mull asked the whole class "Does anyone know what season we are beginning now?" Of COURSE my super-sonic-smart boy raises his hand and shouts out:
"Mrs. Mull...Mrs. Mull...I know what season it is!!! IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON."

She tells me this story later, and while I understood the boy was correct...bring on falling leaves and sweaty undergrads in tight pants while I drink cold beer and eat taco dip and chili ;) Fall is my very very very favorite time of year. This whole week has been breezy and delightfully NOT HOT - i.e. the temp has stayed below 90... - and I'm even wearing a light cotton cardigan today. Love love love it. TODAY is the official start of college football season. LOVE IT.

Now...I just have to find SOMEONE with tickets to a game - ANY game - SEC preferably - (UGA, Auburn, etc.) - but I'm up for anything involving 100 yards of turf, tailgating, a couple goal posts, lots of tackling, fumbling, turnovers, cheerleaders, and a marching band.
I'm a cheap date. I'll drive. I'll even buy you beer.

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