Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So shoot me...

I'm busy. We all know this, right? I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T KEPT UP and been absent a couple's been a couple weeks already? Ack! I'm SO sorry! In my defense, I had 42 cases on the trial calendar over the last two weeks, and I currently have ONE - as in "1" left...out of 42. Pretty good, eh? I've tried 3 cases and had one Motion to Suppress (which was granted in my clients' favor, I might add - woo hoo!) - so I'm doing pretty well thus far.

I am currently in possession of this office's "Can of Whup-Ass" for my hard work over the last week (yes, in fact there IS an actual physical soup can with a label that says "Canned Whup-Ass" presented to me for kicking tail!!!) but I'm on the black list of bloggers for not keeping up. So, I hope my apology is accepted! In fact, to make it up, I will even post some cutie pictures. Check the sidebar...

So, I had a strangely satisfying weekend doing absolutely nothing. Really. I went to see a great band - The Groundhogs - on Friday at 400 Block - very entertaining bluegrassy stuff, can't wait 'til they come back soon. I may even get to sing my favorite ever John Prine song with them (Angel from Montgomery)...I did clean my house on Saturday for a showing...and then I went to Old Havana (local cigar shop/bar) at 1pm. I never left except for a brief hiatus to Schroeder's for some grub around 4...and then I went BACK to the shop and met Brett Butler (the actress, not the baseball player - She was SO fabulously entertaining...good times. Yeah, so I was gone (and mostly at the cigar store) from 1pm until almost 1am. SO not like me, but I was well entertained the majority of the time, and what else did I have to do, right? It was a welcome distraction.

I'm going to the beach this weekend with girlfriends - despite this whole Hurricane/Tropical Storm Fay thing. I'm ok with hanging out drinking Bloody Marys and Margaritas and playing poker inside at the beach and indulging in some seafood and martinis at suppertime. Fabulous, I tell you.

OK - I'm off to post some pictures.


  1. Thank you so much for posting. Glad to hear that life isn't keeping you down.

  2. YOU MET BRETT BUTLER! So kick butt girl with all you've been doing!

  3. I know. I not only MET her, she lives here - in Rome, GA! On a 90-acre farm...and I scored not only her phone number (and she asked for mine, too ;)) , but she said I look like Juliette Binoche...fabulocity.