Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Letter to the Veterans


Dear Veterans,

We asked Mommy today why all the light poles had American Flags. Mommy said it was a "holiday" (even though we still had school) - and that it was a very special one because we were celebrating and thanking all the veterans. We didn't know what veterans were, so Mommy explained that these were very special men and women who worked very hard to keep our country safe for all of us. Sometimes, she said, the veterans had to leave their families (even when they had little babies) to go to another country and do their job to keep us safe. Cole said he wouldn't want his mommy or daddy to have to leave, but our Mommy explained that was why it was so very special that we have these Veterans to thank - because they don't even know us, but they love the country enough to make big sacrifices (that means "giving up something they want") to take care of it.

We wanted to know how we could celebrate and say Thank You to the Veterans. Carson suggested we call these veterans on the phone and tell them thank you and maybe bake them some cookies. Mommy explained that even though she knows a few veterans, and tells them thank you all the time, that she doesn't have the phone numbers of all the veterans, nor could she possibly organize a cookie drive for them this evening - but we still wanted to do something. Cole, who loves to write, wanted to write a letter. What a fabulous idea! So, we sat down and wrote a Thank You note to you Veterans (and other kind readers of Mommy's blog...)

We say "Thank You, Jesus" for our food and our family and our friends every time we eat. Carson now says "Thank you, Jesus" for the Veterans, too. We are happy to be able to go to school and go to our church and do whatever we want to do because the Veterans help keep our country free and safe. Mommy says in some countries, the leaders make rules that don't let people worship and they do mean things to people that break this silly rule. But she said we live in a "free" country, and that the Veterans make sure we stay that way.

Mommy is taking our letter to the post office tomorrow, after looking up an address to send this to at and also checking out - if you are thankful for the people that make sacrafices for our freedom, you should write a letter, too.

Love and Thanks,
Cole & Carson Walker, ages 4 & 3


  1. I would like to thank my dad for his 22 years service in the Navy including volunteering for two cruises to Vietnam (and my mom for her service as a Navy Wife)...

    I would like to thank my uncle, who's up in heaven having a pint, for his service in the US Army, even though he wasn't even a US citizen...

    I would like to thank my sister for her service as a corpsman in the Navy...

    And I'll even thank my asshole ex-brother-in-law for his service as a Navy corpsman in the Marines...

  2. I emailed Mark and thanked him. He called me and was very thankful that I was thinking of him on that day. It was a great conversation and he was truly touched. It means alot to them to hear it.