Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I heart my Mommy.

My mom was off work today. I was supposed to be picking a jury for a misdemeanor battery case, and seeing as my Momma has never seen me "in my element" working, she wanted to come observe some trial practice. Well, my case was dismissed, so we never got to the jury-picking extravaganza. But, she got to see a guilty plea by another person (possession of cocaine) and meet my courthouse crew. And then - we walked down to see Ana & Keith at Broad St. Cafe/McCrobie's, and had a late breakfast, and then just wandered back to my office, and then down Broad St. to SmartyPants, where she bought some adorable outfits for the chick peas.

I love my Mom. She makes me feel the most like "me", if that makes any sense at all. I'm so grateful for her.

OK - so moving right along. All my cases from the trial calendar, except one, have been completed. It has been a successful two days. Tonight is ballet for the Carsonator, a cookie at Honeymoon Bakery for Cole. Then home to knock out some laundry and maybe a nice fire in the fireplace and a good book and cup of tea. Tomorrow I am headed to the Young Professionals meeting at Citizen's First (catered by either RuSan's or Blue Fin, last I heard, definitely a reason to celebrate!!!) - Thursday is Yolanda (housecleaner extraordinare), we rescheduled (thank you, I petitioned the universe for that...) - and Friday is FRIDAY!!!

How are you today?

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  1. I heart "our" mommy too. But I really heart my mummy (the nan) She has always been my friend, she listens to my music and taps her foot in the cutest way. She thinks I am brave and pretty.And doesn't think I am the spoiled baby. So cheers to all Mum's, Mom's, Mommy's, Ma's, Mummy's....