Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change on the Horizon...

or so we hope - courtesy Obama...

I had a hard time with the presidential election this year - so I'm not jumping up & down in victory, and I'm not beaten down and sobbing in defeat. I reckon either way things will change...It will be nothing less than interesting. So, there's my 2 cents on the election results, for what it's worth.

Right. So. Anyway - two more days of this week. I have a big trial calendar tomorrow - but amazingly enough, I got A LOT accomplished this week. Previously mentioned meth lab trial is being continued, here's hoping I can pitch a big enough fit with the judge to get my guys a reasonable bond.

For today, I am being grateful...and also irritated at other things. Here's my lists:
Things which irritate me:
1. Slanderous gossip with no basis of truth, particularly when gossip is perpetuated by people in positions of authority.
2. That nasty stuff in the lint-trap of the dryer - because it's really a pain in the tookus to clean out, but I do it every time because it's more energy efficient when I do.
3. People that insist on driving 12 miles an hour. In a 30 or 40 or even 50 mph zone. Grr....
4. When people call and leave me umpteen voicemails and are PISSED that I haven't called them back - but, they neglect to leave their freaking number - or worse, they leave a number, but either the number is not a good number (i.e. disconnected) or they don't answer because they don't have any minutes left this month. Right. Ok. SO LEAVE A DIFFERENT NUMBER.
5. My dog scratching and licking all night and making a lot of noise or leaving a wet lick spot on the sheets. She doesn't have fleas, I think she just has excema - I just bathed her with some stuff the vet recommended... but it's still irritating.

Things for which I am grateful:
1. BEAUTIFUL lovely fall weather.
2. Phone calls from friends that care about hearing my irritations.
3. I paid all my bills already this month (except preschool tuition) so far...and I am not in the red yet.
4. I have NO plans yet this weekend - so I am thinking of sewing something fabulous.
5. Football!!!!!!!!!!
6. That I have no TV, no internet, etc. at my house, but I still survive and really don't regret or miss it.
7. Blueberry muffins and good coffee.
8. A potential first date
9. Children that recognize all the phases of the moon, including the "gibbous" moon....
10. That I can "be the bigger person" in almost every situation and look at myself in the mirror and love myself.
11. I got toilet paper 2 for 1 at Kroger the other day.
12. Moms. Moms rock. (And Daddies are pretty great, too. And Crazy Aunts are also awesome...)
13. Cole (age 4 years, 4 months, 14 days) can READ! He read the following words off signs, etc. last night/this morning after some trial and error sounding out the letters: "ICE COLD BEER", "BROAD STREET", "KOMAN'S" (this should crack up Roman the way....we were sitting at Honeymoon Bakery, across from Koman's... ;) ), "FORD" (Ranger), "MARTHA BERRY", "HARBIN"...isn't that GREAT?!?!?!? And these were not words (other than Ice Cold) that he would have just "known" or recognized...Obviously he's a genius. (And I'm not biased!)\
14. I really love when people comment on my blog and answer my questions (hint, hint)

OK - so I could keep going with the gratitude things, but the truth is it's satisfying that I have more than twice as many good things as bad things.

For the questions - tell me 3 things that irritate you and 3 things for which you are grateful...please?


  1. Irritation:
    1 - people clipping their nails at their desk at WORK
    2 - HOW can FL be #5 and OU #6? That is NOT how it's supposed to work!
    3 - DH....grrrrr

    1 - My job. Even though I hate it. At least I have one.
    2 - My children. I love them, they usually love me back.
    3 - DH....grrrrr

  2. Irritating
    1. everything tipping out of my handbag - seems to happen regularly in the car
    2 nOt being able to find things I KNOW are In my handbag - It's not that big, where do they hide
    3. People who never see anything form another's perspective, only their own

    1. a lovely home and a friend to share it.
    2. I have enough money to get by ... just
    3. AnN amazing support group of incredible Christian women
    4. I live in the best place on earth - Oz

  3. Irritating
    1. Bad use of you paid how much for that car and it has no blinkers?
    2. when children whine
    3. children asking "can I use it?" and meaning "may I use the rest room please?"

    1. Heidi she is the best dog in the world.
    2. I have the capacity to learn Shqip (Cheep)
    3. For my family. We are fun, not dysfunctional, no one is in jail, on crack or odd (we are all crazy, but that is different).