Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10 - Monday.

Yep. Creative title, I know. Sorry - I'm not feeling witty or anything today. My bad.

So, I was supposed to pick a jury today for my PUI trial (pedestrian under the influence). My guy didn't show up. I called him - he was still asleep, didn't know he had to be there. I told him to be at the courthouse within the hour. He says "I can't do it today." Um, hello? You are charged with a crime, and you knew last week that you'd have a jury trial this week? I told him he HAD to do it today, or the judge would send the Sheriff out there to give him a "free ride" to the jail - where he would sit and wait until his case was tried. His response? Get this... "Well, I guess I'll see what I can do." NO, it's not "see what you can do" time, man - it's get your tail end out of bed and get over here.

Then his mom called the judge and said he'd be there soon but he was having to ride his bike, since he didn't have a car or anyone to bring him to the courthouse. Not only was he having to ride his bike - he was having to ride his bike from....Armuchee. (You non-Floyd Co. folks - that's way probably 12 miles or so from the Courthouse...)

*sigh* Turns out he got to the courthouse and was arrested on a bench warrant, held in lockup (I went and talked to him about picking a jury, etc.) and THEN....THEN....his case was dismissed. He was released, and even though it was originally MY fault (somehow?) that he got arrested, now I'm the best lawyer ever because I got his misdemeanor PUI case dismissed. (The police video turned up, and it didn't show anything, so the prosecutor dismissed him.)

OK - so I had a great weekend. News Flash: Yolanda didn't show up at my house on Friday. I need to call her - but I'm sad. Otherwise, it was fun - I went to see Scott Thompson play at the Pear on Friday night. Love him. Danced. Good times. Saturday, I watched a good deal of football - watched GT lose terribly to UNC. Oops. But it was #19 v #20 - so it was bound to be close. Watched UGA beat Kentucky (go Dawgs!), and....the LSU/Alabama game? Oh. My. In overtime, Alabama took it. *sigh*

Of course, the game of the week was Auburn v. UT Martin (he he) simply because my kids were there. War Eagle! (And they won, apparently the kidlets were camera hogs and were on the big screen at the stadium 3 times!)

As something good to look forward to in Rome - Old Havana is having a private "cigar dinner" hosted by CAO - and my friend Keith Kastanias is doing the catering (if you're familiar with Broad St. Cafe/McCrobies, etc. that's the guy...) - and it's a 4 course meal - including my favorite - PRIME RIB!!! - along with drinks and a cigar ($16 cigar, no less!) for the low, low price of $50. I already have my's Friday, November 14 from 6-9 pm upstairs at the cigar shop. Fun! Check out the website (linked above) for more details.

That's all I got. Have a good one!

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