Monday, November 17, 2008

Calling all prayers...

The house is showing today between 12 & 2pm. This is the most fabulous house ever (which I can't afford to keep) and the people looking at it don't have a house to sell, so they're apparently willing and able buyers. The house has been on the market (like the rest of the houses...) for over a year. I love the house. It's the only real "home" my kids have ever known, but it's a huge financial and emotional drain on both me and Mark (the father of my children...) and so, I'm petitioning you all for your prayers on this. I know God has plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11) and they are plans to prosper me - so I am having faith, and I appreciate your faith and prayers, too.

OK - so anyway, it was a happy weekend. Bowling for Bucky was a success. (It was my friend Bucky's birthday. I am still sore from bowling, actually...) However, I also almost got into a knock-down drag-out with the haircut lady at SuperCUTS yesterday. She was MEAN, MEAN, MEAN to my sweet poor child (who was a total trooper) to the point where I yanked him out of the chair, haircut half-finished, and blew the joint. (And the meanie threw a crumpled up receipt at me, because *THAT* is professional and grown-up of her...) It's a long story, but suffice it to say that woman will not have a job much longer. I just spoke to her area manager, Tina. And, I'm getting a full refund and coupons for free hair cuts (though I protested - I'm never going in there again...)

I'm not usually a complainer, by the way. I rarely ever call and talk to a manager or send my food back, etc. - I have been known to call and COMPLIMENT a job well done if I was pleased, because I don't think people do that enough, but in this situation, the woman was rude and she was basically traumatizing my innocent blonde 4 year old, who (I must say) was behaving like an angel.

OK - before my blood pressure gets too high, I need to have another cup of coffee. I hope your week got started off right.


  1. I'll light a candle for you...

  2. How crazy was that? No one messes with mama bear! Hope poor Colie was not too traumatized!

  3. I'll keep praying for you if you keep praying for me. :)
    That sucks about the haircut! Mean people.

  4. Thanks for visiting! Fee Maybe fee simple absolut! I like flavored vodka and it might make school more tolerable.

    Good luck with the house! I hate moving!!! :)

  5. By the way... I am SO impressed. 2 small kid and you are a lawyer- Way to Go!