Monday, November 24, 2008

Just another manic Monday....(ooh, whoa oh...)

I wish it was Sunday...'cause that's my fun "I-don't-have-to-run" day... OK - 80s flash back over. I do wish it was Sunday, because I had a REALLY good Sunday, doing very little of anything productive, but it was relaxing and followed a fabulous birthday party, I have to say. AND, Tricia made me breakfast (at lunchtime, of course) on Sunday, which was also nice.

So, anyway, now it's Monday. AGAIN, with the Monday. It's picture day for the Public Defender's office. The problem is that the memo *I* got said we'd take the picture at 9am. I got here at 8:45, and they'd already taken the group photo. Apparently they said 8:30, but I deny that. Who schedules any sort of out of the ordinary thing for a MONDAY morning (of a holiday week, no less) at 8:30??? OK, I'm just irritated that I missed it, and yes, it's probably my fault. It's ok - they're going to take my picture (and Larry's and Bill's - because I wasn't the only one!) and cut and paste. Fabulous. I even wore red today because we were supposed to wear a Christmas sweater - which I don't own - or at least something red. So I wore a red & black dress...and I think I look kinda cute, really. (And I'm modest, too ;)

So, it's a holiday week and I have a trial calendar next I really should be working today and tomorrow on that (since the kidlets are out of school on Wednesday, I won't get too much done...) so I'm not scrambling after, I will do's what my day looks like:
- Make sure all online bills are paid (GA Power bill, credit cards, car payment).
- figure out what to do about providing a meal for a sick friend...tonight.
- look at trial calendar, make phone calls, pull files.
- start returning list of 29 voicemails.
- run to 3 or 4 businesses in town about Junior Service League ad sales.
- dry cleaners
- see who I can get out of jail this afternoon because it's the holiday this week.

At some point soon, someone will email me pictures from the birthday party and I'll post some for my handful of faithful readers. We had a GOOD time, and kept having a good time, really until way way late into the early hours of the morning. (This is the reason we ate breakfast at lunch time, of course...)

This week is Thanksgiving, of course. I've been thinking about making a gratitude list for Wednesday's post - 100 things. 100 things is not so many, really. I'm up to 59 right now. And I haven't even really worked on it yet.

So, I think that's all I got today. So not funny. sorry...I apologize profusely. The birthday party pictures soon, I promise. Keep checking back...


  1. Wow... I just watched Bananarama this morning on VH1 classic! wooot!