Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Creativity on Crack

My clients (a lot of them, anyway) are on crack. Seriously. That's not a funny, like, metaphor or anything. It's not like when Carson comes into my room at 5:50 am and says "Hey, Mom - did you know that snails - you know what a snail is, right - did you know that snails like SPAGHETTI!?!? I LOVE spaghetti. Maybe one day I can eat spaghetti. With a snail. Like, for my birthday or something." and then I say "Carson, how long have you been smoking crack?" Carson is 3. She doesn't smoke crack. However, my clients do. Obviously.

Anyway - so I found this link on someone else's blog, and I am feeling dry on the writing/creativity front so I thought I'd play with it. So here is what I got:

Lost? Why?
This was a stupid one to get first, but I'll answer it anyway. I'm not lost. But sometimes I feel like I took the "scenic route" (i.e. it's taking me ENTIRELY too long to get where I need to be, even though I know exactly where I'm going...)... Other times, though, I end up where I am and I MUST have taken a short cut (or teleported) because I can't even remember how I got here.

When I look up at the sky, I feel...
Um, hmm....small? Wet, if it's raining. Grateful to be in this world. Just as it is.

Is true change possible if someone resists?
Change is inevitable, and sort of requires some level of resistance. If everyone just went along like "OK, we'll do this all happy sunshine together, good idea!" then it wouldn't really be "change" - it would just be keeping the status quo, ya know? I think that an INDIVIDUAL cannot change unless s/he CHOOSES to one can change another individual. I can't change you, you can't change me, etc - UNLESS you or I CHOOSE to be changed. Clear as mud?

What is something you do well?
I do a lot of things well. (Including modesty, right?!?!? - ha...) - No, really, I'm a good dancer. And I'm a good reader, and a good mom, and I am insane about introductions. I can't stand knowing 2 (or more) people in the same room that don't know each other...I'm pretty good at tennis. I'm really good at listening...(to people, to dogs, to God, as mentioned in yesterday's post...)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
This is starting to feel like a first date with all these corny questions, I thought this was supposed to be creative...ok, get your good attitude back, J. In 5 years I would like to have had some more first dates ;) I've had ONE and only ONE first date in the last 13 years (and remember, I'm only 31...) In 5 years, C & C will be 8 & 7 years old, so I'll probably be at the ball field, the ballet studio, and the basketball gym a lot with them. I'll definitely still be in Rome, but hopefully in a different house, because the one I'm in is STILL on the market (haven't heard back about the house showing, but thanks for your prayers...), but still playing lawyer...probably still criminal defense, and most possibly still here at the public defender's office.

What do you sense you're supposed to do before your life is over?
Raise my children well.
Have another child. (Lady Sylvia, my tarot card reader, says I will have another child, with a man I perhaps already know, and it will be a girl, and the man will be kind, honest, loyal and faithful - and will adore me and support me. Good times!)
Thank God.
Visit Greece.
Make homemade pasta.
Visit Australia on an extended stay trip and meet my extended family there...that I've mostly never met.
Finish a knitting project. For once.
Own property close to water. (This was also a Lady Sylvia prediction, FYI...)
Sleep well with a good conscience.

OK - that's all I have time for today. Answer my questions...please.
1. What's one thing YOU need to do before you die?
2. What are you wearing today? (This is total guilty pleasure, I'm just curious...)
3. Tell me about your best "date" ever...


  1. 1. What's one thing YOU need to do before you die?

    Go to Ireland.

    2. What are you wearing today? (This is total guilty pleasure, I'm just curious...)

    T-shirt, button up light tan I guess shirt over it, black jeans and my combat boots. Huah!

    3. Tell me about your best "date" ever...

    Wow... ummm... It's been SO long since I was on a real date... that one is hard...

  2. 1.) Take my hubby to NYC.
    2.) Nice grey pants and a black sweater. I'm about to change into jeans a too big sweatshirt though. :)
    3.) This weekend was pretty good. Kiddlets were with grandparents and we saw old friends, went to a bar, & ate Indian food. It was like being a grown-up again! The next day we were able to run errands all day without having to put little people in and out of carseats and that in itself is like being on a date!

  3. 1. Go back to China with mom
    2. Grey sweater and black pants (opposite of BB!)
    3. When I was poor after the divorce and had no TV, J brought his over in his car and we watched a movie in my tiny apt. It was the night of our first kiss...

  4. I love that everyone's thing-to-do-before-she-dies is to go to a specific place. Very interesting...