Monday, July 7, 2008

And the verdict is in...

On my first criminal jury trial. GUILTY they say!!! (Though, in all honesty - the girl was charged with battery and she admits to biting the "victim" really, she is guilty, no?) Ah, well - it was a satisfying day nonetheless. Jury selection, opening statements, cross-examinations and jury times right here in River City.

And tomorrow is another...have I mentioned that I love my job? For you JB mommas that may be reading - a big SHOUT OUT to you...I miss you guys TERRIBLY!!! I have no idea what is going on with everyone and it's killing me comment and tell me what is going on. It's not excoboard, but I'm starving for a little JB Juice ;)

So, now I'm off to (finally) fill out Cole's paperwork for "school" at Berry in August...and hit the Starbucks on the way, courtesy of Cheeky Mary (thanks babe) and then come back and meet with my homeless client (you know - the one under the bridge) and try to talk him into pleading guilty. Poor guy. The prosecutor has a video of him doing what he's charged with doing (taking a cash deposit) and he says there was no money in that envelope....of course. Tsk, tsk...

More updates - lots of fun - right here in River City...stay tuned!


  1. JJ!! So nice to read about you and your precious Cs!! We miss you so much on the board, and can't wait to have you back with us. Congrats on the job front, and I get excited just reading about your day. I can't wait to practice someday!! Hugs girl...hang in there!!

  2. Hey JJ!!!! So glad to be able to read what is going on in your life! Still PG here...going on 12 weeks.

  3. Hey girl. Congrats on your first verdict. Glad you are somewhat enjoy working work ;) We miss you too and hope to see you back. Love ya!