Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Drudgery

Tuesdays are the weirdest day of the week, I think. I read somewhere once that, in the business world, Tuesday is the most productive day for workers. I have a hard time with Tuesdays, I guess I am more productive, and I'm busy - but when Tuesday is over, I have a hard time keeping motivation for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday...luckily this is a short week.

I had court this morning. I have court this afternoon. Have I mentioned that I really like my job? If I haven't...I REALLY LIKE MY JOB. (Note to my faithful readers: tomorrow, when the Post is titled "I hate my job..." remind me that I REALLY LIKE MY JOB, ok?)

My to-do list:
1. get another cup of coffee
2. figure out who else I need to subpoena for next week's trial calendar
3. go to Berry and fill out Cole's paperwork (again)
4. eat lunch (this is optional...)
5. check w/ my real estate agent about the showings of my house this week
6. go to the grocery store (yeah, that's been on the to-do list for...oh, 3 weeks now...but I'm officially out of wine ;) )
7. take kids to Rome Braves game tonight - there are FIREWORKS tonight!

Oh, and speaking of the Rome Braves - www.romebraves.com - I LOVE that both of my children are "4 & under" because tickets to the grass out in right field (called "Homerun Hill") are $4, and children 4 & under are FREE and that means all three of us can go to the Rome Braves game for a grand total of $4 (that is, until you factor in two giant foam #1 fingers (@$5/each x 2=$10, a couple drinks @ $2, and then a couple more because they don't have tops and straws, so my preschoolers tend to spill them...oh, and the popcorn and the ice cream, and the ball caps, too....)

I still have no plans for the holiday weekend. Well, except Weinerfest '08 in West Rome - but that'll be over before supper time on Friday...gotta find something up to fill up my kid-free weekend.

Have a great one!


  1. I'm sucking down my third cup myself... so think of today as Wednesday b/c we have Friday off! And what am I doing, nothing - I would like to go to dad's but the 6 hour one-way + gas + having to drive all that time for just 2 days.. I'm a horrible daughter.. uggg

  2. Would you like to come with us to a party in Snellville? The hosts are quite crafty - but more in an evil way. Like painting zombies into happy landscape paintings.


  3. Ok I'm the only lame-o to have my real name, so I've incognito'd myself.