Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Musings

I don't feel well. Poor pitiful me...I have a sore throat. BOO! But I did still manage to have a fabulous weekend. I took the children to visit G.G. (my grandmother - we had grilled cheese, peaches and watermelon - yum!) then we went to see Wall-E. I have to say that I generally love the Disney-Pixar films, and this one was no exception. CUTE movie - definitely kid-ish enough to keep the munchkins' attention, while still having an adult-enough message and lots of humorous parts that cracked me up, too.

Then we visited with my parents - well, my mom (Dad was asleep - see that picture of him in my sidebar? Yeah. He sleeps a good bit ;) ) - and the kidlets ended up spending the night. I came home and watched "Definitely, Maybe" and half of "The Bucket List" - both very good...but I'll finish "The Bucket List" tonight while I'm cleaning house. Yep. It's time to come off the domestic strike. It lasted a good 6 weeks, though - something to be proud of, I think. HA HA HA house is being shown to some potential buyers tomorrow evening, so I need to at least get the majority of the dog hair off the floor. In reality, I've done pretty well with the house-keeping matters the last 2 weeks...and even tackled 5 loads of laundry this weekend, including bed sheets.

Carsie will be 3 on Friday. My birthday is Saturday. (For those wondering, I will be 29...for the 3rd time ;) ) - Fair warning. I have no plans...well, Carson wants to go to Los Palmas for her birthday, which will surely happen, and I would prefer to eat sushi with someone who won't gag at the thought of it. This rules out a good number of my friends...which is I may have to rethink that - unless something comes up and snatches the sushi-potential right up off the table.

Happy Monday...I MUST get to work now. I actually need to post a picture - so this post will probably be edited later today.


  1. Sorry about Grechie =( But she is running with Maddie now... If you want I'm your sushi gal! Sat. is good for me!

  2. I would love to take you out for Birthday sushi! Since Rome is lacking in the sushi department, would you be able to come to ATL?

  3. Feat not your carol cometh and loves sushi!!!

  4. So sorry to hear about your Gretchie! You all must be sad!
    Wish I could come and eat sushi with you and Carol - or better yet, if you came here (to Australia) We have GREAT sushi here!