Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For the love of knit jersey...

If you are keeping up, you know I wore a black suit yesterday - pants suit...

Well, I got word that "Sparkles" (the local indoor inflatable jumping-gym place) was open to the public on Tuesdays and your whole brood could be admitted for the low low price of $5. So, I truck on over to Sparkles after picking up C & C Music Factory from daycare, pay the $5 (plus another one b/c we needed to purchase socks since it's summer and we were all in sandals) I put my own cute little white gym socks on (with my slightly-too-long pants - which is why I was wearing the super-high heels yesterday) and jump - in my suit pants - in the bouncy house with my kidlets. GOOD TIMES!

Then, we headed to Zaxby's. I order:
JJ: "Three kiddie fingerz meals, please..."
Chicka: "Will that be all?"
JJ: "Yeah, three kiddie fingerz."
Chicka: "OK, your total is $3.18."
(ADMISSION: I suck at math, which is why I'm a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that 3 kiddie meals @ $3+ each is more than $3.18...)
JJ: "No. I need THREE kiddie meals."
Chicka: "I got it. Three meals is $3.18."
Chicka: "OH! You didn't know...tonight is $0.99 kids meal night."

WOO HOO!!!! Can you believe my luck?!?!?

So anyway - it was a good evening. But I stayed up too late...after I got the kids in bed (finally!!! at 9pm!!!) I read my book, had a glass of wine, and took a shower and suddenly it was midnight? How did that happen?

So today, because I neglected to iron anything to wear to court this morning (I'm on strike from all domestic the way), I pull out my old standdby favorite dress. Short flutter sleeve black w/ white print knit jersey wrap dress. Max Studio. I have 4 - yes, 4 - of these Max Studio knit jersey dresses (different prints...). No panty hose required, throw on a shortish black linen jacket and some cute heeled sandals...fab-o...

My house really needs to be cleaned. If I had a spare $60, I'd call Yolanda...sigh. Being on strike is nice, except for the consequences...alas.


  1. J.J., WE MISS YOU!!!! I'm so glad that you and the C's are settling in well, next step is getting you back on the board! :-)


  2. That's totally awesome about the meals! Sounds like you had a great day!