Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Funny Cole-isms...

I forgot that I was going to post some funnies that Cole has come up with lately. This child NEVER stops thinking. Amazing how two children but a year apart - raised in the exact same circumstances, etc., can be polar opposites.

Cole, my logical scientist wants to know the answer to the following things:
1) How do leaves "drink" the rain they ever drink KoolAid?
2) How exactly does a spider "spin" his web? Does spiderman give him the web-stuff?
3) If the itsy-bitsy-spider has 8 legs (which he does) does he have to buy shoes for ALL 8 feet? That would be 4 pairs of shoes? And does he buy 4 pairs of the SAME shoes or 4 odd-matched pairs for a little fun?
4) Is today tomorrow? (ME: No, tomorrow is tomorrow, and tomorrow, today will be yesterday...see?) Cole: No. You said we would go to Sparkles "tomorrow" and we're going to sparkles NOW, so it MUST be "tomorrow" right? (Side note: Now I totally understand that saying "tomorrow never comes"...)

Cole and Carson also LOVE the hymn-y praise song "I Love You, Lord" - here's the lyrics...

I love You, Lord
And I lift my voice...
to worship you...
Oh, my soul!
Take joy, my King,
in what You hear
Let it be a sweet, sweet sound...
in Your ear.

Ever since Carson was a teeny baby, she will calm down when I sing that song to her, it's very slow and melodic and *I* am at peace when I sing it, so I know that helps. Well, last night, Cole requested "that song you were singing to Carsie" (he sits in there sometimes when I'm singing to Carsie) and I said "which one?" (I sing like 5-6 songs to her every night) and he said "The one about Grandmomma"??? What?

So I said which one? And he said "The one about JOY!" (My mom's name is Joy...) and it hit me that the words are..."Take JOY, my what you hear" - Ah, riddle solved, but then Cole wants to know WHERE some KING is taking his Grandmomma...and thus began the conversation about how God is the King of Heaven and then 8 million questions about whether God wears a crown and sits on a real throne, and if Poppy gets to visit God's castle for birthday cake and hot tea. have the imagination and logic of this child.

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  1. hey girlfriend - miss ya on the JB board. And we sing I love you Lord to the kiddos every night before bed.

    peace and love, friend!
    emsmom02 - Steph