Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Hump Day!!!

he he - hump day...

When I lived in Macon (for seven years!!!) there was a radio DJ on one of the stations there named Rick Knight and he always said (on Wednesdays) that it was the beginning of the "downhill slide to the weekend" - AMEN! to that...

I just had that brief period of wild confusion yesterday. It was actually related to a specific incident - but I've decided to just let that go and not let it worry me or control my life.

In any event, it is indeed the beginning of the downhill slide to the weekend, but I am covered up for the rest of the week with I am not too too busy with outside stuff, just a little city court hearing at 12:45...and then I have to start working on getting pleas and other things in order for Friday's big arraignment calendar, and then next week I have just a couple little probation revokation hearings, but I have to start working on the August 7 trial calendar, too. Man, you finish one huge trial calendar and you're already onto the next one, ya know? I do love my job, in case you hadn't heard.

I have no plans for the weekend (though my domestic strike MUST end, because I need to sweep and mop and clean toilets, and it's best to do that without preschoolers around.) I may help my friend Karen paint at her new house, I love to paint...and I may (once I get everything sorted with the laundry and cleaning) finally pull out my sewing machine. But, it's probably unlikely, still. I can't get motivated with that right now for some reason.

Well, love and sunshine to everyone. Happy hump day!

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