Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You knew it was coming...

The "I hate my job" post...ok, ok, so I don't actually "hate" my job at all. However - here's the scoop...It's 8:35. I have a LONG criminal trial calendar call (80+ cases) at 9:00 (the courthouse is across the street...) My boss - THE Circuit Public Defender got a nasty dog bite on his face on Monday - and has been out with stitches and other issues. His trial partner, who we will call "Bill" (because that is, in fact his name) - has been helping me handle all the cases and court appearances this week. Fine.

So, I get here this morning with my bucket o' files for the huge long calendar call, run into our investigator, who we will call "Larry" (because that is, in fact, his name...) - and Larry says "Did you hear? Mr. Bill fell on the steps on the way out last night and has broken his hip!" Oh. My. Holy. Oats. So, that leaves...ME - brand new little girl at the PD's office with an 80+ list of cases at the calendar call. However, phew - to the rescue comes the REST of my office. There are now 4 of us going over there today to handle all these cases. I am freaked, but glad that I have so much help here. OK - so I don't hate my job...I do love it after all.


  1. Hope the freakish bad luck does not spread to you - dog bite and broken hip - yikes! btw I called you last night to say that mom is cancer free right now - so we are working on keeping her that way!!! (oh and don't call Larry - Mr. Lamb he might not like that...)

  2. Geez, I suggest you wrap yourself in bubble wrap ASAP. The folks at your office seem to be getting themselves injured, and I don't want you to be next.