Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Does it rain in space?

The answer, obviously, is no. But this was the question of the day yesterday from Cole. SO SMART! And then we had a discussion about how it rains water on the planet Earth, but it rains other things on other planets, and the reason it doesn't rain in space is because there are no "clouds" in space. This, of course, led to the series of "WHY?" questions. "WHY are there no clouds in space?" etc. etc.

I have little to say today, but I got a good hour of sewing time in last night, which was nice. Pictures soon. I have to get this nifty device that my dad has - it's a memory stick that you can plug your camera's memory card into. MUCH nicer than fiddling with the wire. I had a computer with a card reader on it - but that computer is now in a new home in Alabama, and I'm without a home computer or internet access (or cable TV for that matter), which is really fine. I get enough of the computer at work.

SO, I've been taking little breaks at work to check out some fun sewing blogs. My fabe is, and there's a few others I'll update on my blog list soon!

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