Monday, July 21, 2008

sushi & co-pays & drugs...OH-MY!!!

These are the things on my mind this morning.
SUSHI - Rome is in desparate need of a good sushi joint. We have this place called Sumo - but frankly, the sushi is a little freaky...every time I've eaten it there it's not cold...ick. We ARE getting a Ru San's (woo hoo) but for the moment, I have to settle for our newly-facelifted Kroger's sushi chef. Last night I went and got me some tuna/salmon/crab with cream cheese roll and another assortment. It was really good, but I ate BOTH packages...ugh. STUFFED...STILL, like 18 hours later.

CO-PAYS - I was a Georgia State Employee in my last job, before I took a little 6 month hiatus. So I get my first paycheck in my NEW job, and notice that they are charging me for the family medical & dental plan I had at my old job. I was supposed to be able to choose what I wanted, AND, I'm paying for insurance I don't even have! ugh. So, I got the most fabulous personnel/HR person at the Ga. Public Defender Standards Council. (I know, that sounds oxymoronic, but it's very true and I'm SO grateful) and she's fixing it up for me ;) My co-pays will stay the same. I got us covered under everything i wanted to get us covered under, and I even get like a $100 refund for part of what I paid on the last paycheck. Fabulocity.

DRUGS - So, I have this client who is in jail because she got arrested (for battery, marijuana and prescription drugs that weren't hers) while she was on probation, which means she can't bond out. I have to subpoena the guy who lives at the house where they found the (POUND OF) he's REALLY going to say "Oh, yeah, it was my pound of MJ, not hers..." duh. Tsk, tsk, tsk...I have discovered this whole undercurrent of society in my current job. These people live and die by their drug habits. Madness, I tell you.

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