Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank you, Friday...

Thank you, Friday - for coming, without fail, every week.

This week has been full of normal happy life things - week 2 of Carson wearing panties (insert jumping-up-&-down Mommy HERE), dinners and conversations with the two most important people in my lives about things like "Why do we measure things?" and I had dinner with a (single) girlfriend at Schroeder's last night with the munchkins and they wanted to know "Does she wear panties?" "Does she have boobies?" Um, yeah. She does wear panties (I guess, I've never checked?) and yes, she has boobies...though, again, never really paid too much attention to that.

But, this week has also been filled with sad things. Our free-spirited and much loved Australian Shepherd (Gretchen) got out of the fence (AGAIN!) and was hit by a car. She is no longer with us, and while I still have my Springer Spaniel (Bella), it's strange at the house without Gretchie...sigh. Losing a pet is SO hard...and I've had other pets die, or have to be put down, and even though I've done it before, it's really hard all over again.

Anyway, according to Carson, though, Gretchie is up in Dog Heaven...and she gets to visit "Poppy" (her grandfather, who passed in December) and they have tea with God on Sundays at God's "castle"...seeing as he is the "King" of Heaven. Obviously, you all knew this, right?

So, I'm glad it's Friday. Work has still been good this week, but I'm in need of a break - and I finished my cute Amy Butler Kimono robe (pictures coming, I promise...) and have been perusing my stash for more projects to pursue this weekend. C & C Music Factory may end up spending the night with Grandmomma or Gigi (great-grandma) this weekend - I need to clean the house, and sleep late... ;)

Hope your weekend brings peace & refreshment!


  1. Awww...RIP Gretchie. So sorry to hear that.

  2. So sorry to hear about Gretchie, I'm not sure if I told you but Jackson died earlier this year (Josh ran over him...yikes!) but we have had MANY conversations about where he is, that he died, etc., so be prepared. Congrats on the potty training! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love ya!

  3. So sorry about your dog! I love reading your blog, you are a great writer! Miss you on the juneclub!
    Sarah mommy to Lindsey

  4. Wow, panties, Gretchie, heaven, boobies. Remember these times, they go fast!

  5. Oh I'm sorry about Gretchie! (((hugs)))

  6. Sorry to hear of the loss of Gretchie! She had a fabulocity filled life with you, Bella and the Cs...HUGS!