Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bad Hair Days = Annie Oakley

So, I'm not having the best hair day. In my defense, I knew this was the first day in many that I wouldn't have to go to court - so I took a shower last night and (GASP!) didn't blow dry my hair. And I woke up with total banshee wildness. SO, rather than re-wetting it and drying it (which would defeat the time-saving purpose of taking the shower last night), I just pulled it back. Now, I have short hair - like barely chin length - so to actually GET it all pulled back requires TWO pigtails instead of a ponytail...and I pulled out my old fave standby straight leg jeans to wear with my pink gingham girly button down shirt.

I look cute, I think. But then a second look in the mirror and my thought is "It is totally inappropriate for a 30 year old woman to be wearing pigtails." And then I thought, ah - well stuff it. Who cares. But I've gotten a ton of compliments, but the best one was "Where's your gun, Annie Oakley?"

Why is it that all I have to post about lately is hair and fashion? Hmmmm....


  1. Man I miss you JJ. I really do. Hmm, want to email me your phone number so we can talk?

    Anyway nothing going on in my world. Sophia now says Mama every time she sees me.

    Rachel is good. All she can talk about is being 4. In her world being 4 is almost a grown up. I assume Cole is the same way.

  2. HA! Cole IS the same way - except he keeps telling everyone he's "ALMOST FIVE"...which is no where near the truth. He hasn't even been 4 for a month!