Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Update

Ah, what a holiday weekend. We usually do "movie night" on Fridays - complete with a $5 Little Ceasar's trip. BUT, on the way back to town from picking up C & C Music Factory, they started whining that they wanted Schroeder's. I had eaten lunch there two days in a row (including Friday) - but I could basically live off Schroeder's, so I thought what the hey?

At Schroeder's, we ran into several people we knew - including my lovely friends Simone & Dan. Simone is a teacher at the high school by my house, and they were headed to the football game after dinner. So, we went, too! My kids were deathly afraid of the "painted boys" - teenagers with no shirts who had painted their faces & bodies in blue, white & black...but they eventually got over it. Cole was SO in his element at the ball game. Wanted to know all about 1st downs, interceptions, incomplete passes, and TOUCHDOWNS...of course, this is Model High School we're talking about so the only touchdowns were in the opponent's favor, but it was still a great time. We got home at 10 pm!!! TOO LATE for preschoolers.

Saturday we went to see Grandmomma & Pop. Fun times. Pop is sick with a nasty cold, but we had a fun time just hanging out. G.G. (my grandmother) came over and played (and got them silly string. NOTE TO GIFT GIVERS - don't get preschoolers silly string...) Then the chickadees begged to spend the night and I headed back to Rome. Helped my friend pack books & knick-knacks (she moved this weekend) then had dinner AT SCHROEDER'S AGAIN!!! (That makes 4 times in 3 days...) and some beer and just had a nice time all night....got home TOO late, but it was fun nonetheless.

Sunday I got up at 7am...picked up my short people from Grandmomma's then headed back and ate in town. Schroeder's is closed on Sundays ;) so we ate at Jefferson's then went to help that friend move. C & C carried stuff out to the U-Haul, couch cushions and such. Monday was a rougher day, I was getting tired from all the festivity - but we got BBQ from the St. Mary's Knights of Columbus and ate with friends at their house. Fun times! Then headed to the park in the afternoon, stopped at Starbucks for some caffeine and went home for a nap.

Now it's Tuesday (though it feels like a Monday) and I am preparing for my hearings tomorrow and my trial calendar on Thursday...Carson has her first ballet class tonight! I'm so excited and she is, too - she even (GASP!) let me put her hair in a ponytail today (and if you know Carsie, you know this was a major feat...)

Y'all have a good week!

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