Friday, October 3, 2008

And the weekend commences...

I heart Fridays...and here we go with the games of the week...which are picked by ME in a completely BIASED manner...mostly having to do with how nice their uniforms look...(ha ha just kidding...)

Here in GA country, the dawgs are off this week, which makes for sad GA fans...but I recommend a good SEC pick-me-up by watching the following:

Florida @ Arkansas (11:30am, ESPN-GP (if you can get it.))
South Carolina @ Ole Miss (1:00 pm, only on PPV, or ESPN-GP...if you got it...)
Florida State @ Miami (2:30pm, ABC & ESPN2)
Kentucky @ Alabama (2:30pm, CBS)
Auburn @ Vanderbilt (5pm, ESPN) (My personal game of choice...and it's on regular old ESPN, so you can get it!)

I'll be in town around 5pm for kick off (WAR EAGLE!) and a beer. So, that's that.

As for updates on the fair - I'm getting pictures developed and a CD made (I was using a disposable camera, courtesy of Old Havana - thank you Steven McDowell...) - so I'll try to post some photos if they turn out. It was good times right here in River City. I'd really like to go back as a grown up, with a grown-up - and no small children!!! The fair-food smells, the lights, the crazy announcers "Step Right UP!" etc. Love love loved it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. The 5-0 MIGHTY BALL STATE FIGHTING CARDINALS are playing 1-3 Toledo tomorrow night... Go Cards!

  2. I can't believe how crazy you are about FOOTBALL. Didn't come from OUR side of the family! It's Grand Final Fever here in Sydney at the moment - nothing else on TV but sport programs! Aaargh!