Monday, October 20, 2008

Frost, Felonies, Football & Fun

Today it was 37 degrees when I got in my car at 7:30 a.m. My windshield was frosted over. Wow. And to think that just Friday it was 84 degrees and I was sweaty. I LOVE THIS WEATHER! Don't get me wrong, I love the beach in August, too (and Karaoke at that dive bar with the big boy Marcus - Mel & Sooz & Karen...and Grey Goose Martinis...extra dirty!) - but FALL, particularly THIS part of fall, when it's just cold enough to make your cheeks pink and the sun is still so bright and lovely, and the leaves are crunchy under your boots...*sigh* Love it.

I had two burglary trials and a felony false statements trial this week. Guess what? They were ALL dismissed for some reason or that means I have (finally) finished with this trial calendar and can move on to the 20-something cases I have on the Nov. 6 trial calendar. Good times.
I took the short people to Pettit Creek Farms in Cartersville this weekend. Hay rides, feeding camels and goats (and ZEBRAS and BISON! - who knew there were zebras and bison in the Etowah Valley....) We also picked a few pumpkins and jumped in the bouncy houses and saw a ton of fun things there.

Because I was gone most of the day Saturday, and because I don't have TV (I know, I'm crazy...I'm ok with that.), I watched very very little football. Boo. However, my Auburn Tigers (WAR EAGLE!) had an off week. I hate to admit it, but they probably needed seeing as we've kind of had a problem the last couple weeks which resulted in the firing of offensive coordinator number 8 (in 10 years, I think...) wow. I have to say kudos, though, to my Georgia buddies - because UGA kicked tail against Vanderbilt...THE Vanderbilt that beat Auburn last week, which apparently led to aforementioned sacking of offensive coordinator. Ugh. I'm not bitter, though. It's all fair in love and football.
Carolina and Wake Forest both lost though - but Texas - TEXAS won! Texas (last I checked) is NUMBER ONE!!!) Dang. Who woulda THUNK it - well, Texas rocks, I'll say. And for Brent, and Tyler and all those other Texas folks who I hung with at the chili cookoff - Here's a shout out for ya - "HOOK 'EM 'HORNS!" And for Marlin, J.J. Beebe, Niles, and Mitchell - "Ramblin' Wreck, baby" (insert Mitchell's knuckle-bust here).

OK - so there's frost, felonies & football - and, my the fun.

First - a report on the chili cookoff - fabulous weather, great music, good friends and DIVINITY in the form of meat & beans. Good times (here's one pic, courtesy of Tricia Steele, thank you dear.)


I have (re)discovered that I am a phenomenal dancer. And, it's good exercise, by the way. My girls and I have figured out that it's a really good Saturday night thing to do, and plan to do it more often.

So, here's some fun pics of a recent dancing night with the lovely Rome ladies.

And, in the midst of a recent dancing exploit with my ladies - I met the fabulous Jada Ryan Grindstaff from the band Waiting for Jimmy. (Jada assures me the show dates will be updated this week) and their MySpace page is pretty current, so if you're on MySpace look them up there, too. You can hear some of their stuff by clicking here as well. And the MySpace page has all their updated show dates already...Check for upcoming shows in Atlanta in late November - myAtlanta peeps should check it out. We should make it a group event...And you Romans, word on the street is that they may play here in Rome, as well. Good Times, right here in River City!!!

More Fun - CHIAHA is this weekend - the Chiaha Harvest Fair is one of my favorite fall activities (y'all know I'm nuts about outdoor festival type stuff anyway) - and this one is all about the arts, all the time. AND, there's free hot apple cider. What more could you want? Well, here's what makes it even better - the band line up is faburific! Check it:
Saturday - Oct. 25
10:30-11:15: Russell McClanahan & Friends
11:15-12:00: Cheyenne Medders
12:00-12:45: Kelley & Marcie Lane
12:45-1:30: Martha Ann Brooks
1:30-2:15: Bryan Bowers
2:15-3:00: Jule Medders
3:00-3:45: Faye Pierce Band
3:45-4:45: Delta Moon
Sunday - Oct. 26
10:30-12:00: David Elliott
12:00-12:45: Calvin Snow
12:45-1:45: Bryan Bowers
1:45-2:45: Thunderbolt Patterson
2:45-3:30: Doggie Costume Contest
3:30-4:30: Jennifer Daniels

Thunderbolt Patterson is also playing this FRIDAY (Oct. 24) at Old Havana. I will be there with bells on because those guys ROCK (quite literally...)...For more fun Rome stuff, check out Bryan's site -
So - that was a happy (long) Monday post - I'm making up for not posting since last Wednesday - sorry! Love and sunshine and sweet tea. Catch y'all on the flip side.




  2. HOOK 'EM HORNS!!! Whoot! Whoot! ;)

  3. Um. Why haven't I been reading this before now???!! This is officially my new guilty little pleasure. Well, I guess not as guilty as rome news by watson.... :)