Thursday, October 9, 2008

Puppy dog shirt - Day 3...

OK - so Cole has this grey heather t-shirt with dog breeds pictured on the front. I think it came from Target (Thank you, Grandmomma...) and he told me last week (he wore it on Friday) "It's my all time FAV-O-RITE shirt,, FOR REAL!" (Kids these funny...)

So, I've already laid out the events of Monday (Picture Day) and the dressing Monday we did some laundry and the puppy shirt got washed and put in his basket to put away. Tuesday he wears it again. Fine.

Wednesday...6:30 am -
Mom: Dude, it's in the hamper where your dirty clothes are...
C: But, MMMooooooommmmm!!! It's not dirty! I didn't even GET any of my lunch on it!
Mom: Well, it's still sweaty and dusty from playing in it.
C: But Mom...really. For real. It was too rainy to go outside yesterday so I kept it super-clean.
Mom: NO, COLE - you have a drawer FULL of clean shirts, find something else.
C: Fine. Be that way. Mean mommy.
Mom: (Thinking I won the battle...smugness sets in. I make the rules, and THEY follow them!)

Mom: COLE!!! Let's go, time for shoes...

---and Cole, my lovely, hard-headed, knows-what-he-wants child...comes into the room with the puppy dog shirt on. And clean jeans and socks. I can't blame him for trying, it really wasn't that dirty (visibly, anyway), and he dressed himself, so I can't lose, right?

So, last night, we did MORE laundry and I specifically washed the twice-worn dog shirt...and of course he put it away when the load of laundry was done. Guess what he wore today...we'll see how long this can last...


  1. Hey Miss JJ. I was just thinking about you so much today. Your blog made me laugh. We are having morning clothing wars at our house. I think I may take your lead and just let little miss Riley wear whatever.

    GO Puppy Shirt!!

  2. I let AJ wear her Halloween shirt from last year today for the first time and she was so excited that she told everyone she saw "see my shirt?" and announced multiple times that she was wearing it again to church and on Halloween with her butterfly costume. She will probably ask me to wear it again tomorrow. At least she's decided on what she wants to be for Halloween, hopefully it won't change next week. I love your Montessori-independent-kid ways! :)