Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

1. Thursday is one of my favorite days of the week. Stems from 4th grade, Thursday was library day. Plus, since it's Thursday, we're one day closer to dancing exploits like this: Meet (from bottom up - Tricia, Kikki & "Hot Guy from Belgium" (we missed his name...) - and the half-guy on the right? That's Bucky...2. Speaking of the library, I love the library. Free books? Free videos? Good times! (REMINDER TO SELF: return way overdue library do NOT love overdue fines.)

3. Meet Addie:
Addie is the granddaughter of Barbara, who is one of our lovely administrative assitants at the Public Defender's Office. I would be in big trouble without Barb. Addie picked out this fabric at Wal-Mart and wanted a halloween outfit. Voila!

4. Coffee is good. Coffee, if I needed evidence of a kind and caring God, would be sufficient to prove His existence to me. (But, luckily, I have a LOT of other evidence, but I'm really grateful for small things, like coffee.)

5. Queen sized beds seem luxurious when you have them all to yourself. However, at some point between midnight and 5:30 am, I did not have mine all to myself, as one-by-one, I obtained a 50 pound springer spaniel, a 40 pound 4-year-old blondie boy in cowboy PJs, and a 3-year-old spitfire girl in just Tinkerbell panties. Not so roomy, after all.

6. Cowboy boots go with just about all my outfits (exception: navy blue skirt suit...). Carson Claire agrees as she is wearing hers today (and would probably wear them with navy blue skirt suit, if she had one.

7. Math lessons for preschoolers work really well with dirty utensils, straw papers, and cheese dip. The Dynamic Duo (aka Cole & Carson) can now identify not only squares, rectangles and triangles, but also parallelograms, trapezoids and pentagrams. Rock on.

8. The dictionary is a perfectly appropriate "favorite book" for a 4-year-old. Don't knock it. He's insanely smart. (And also very handsome!!!)

9. The real estate market sucks. In case you haven't noticed. However, in the interest of being positive, gas was only $2.69 at the BP on Martha Berry yesterday. I filled up for less than $50 (and I was down to the --- on my gas-range indicator...which tells me how many miles I can go. the --- is what comes after the big fat ZERO.)

10. I fancy myself a singer. Shhhh...don't tell anyone.

A few reminders about the weekend

Scary Berry - haunted hayride out at Berry College - starts at 8pm tonight, Friday and Saturday out at Berry (there is lots of signage at the entrance...) $6 for non-Berry students and $4 for Berry students. (I can't find a link...sorry.)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - - is playing Friday - Sunday at DeSoto Theater on Broad - check the website for times. This is the last weekend, so be sure to catch it if you want it.
Schroeder's is hosting Free Will Offering (check 'em on MySpace) at 7pm in the courtyard (pray for no rain...)
Also at Schroeder's this weekend - a benefit for the Aids Resource Council
(featuring Devidasa, Tyler Ashley & Jake Mitchell,
Woodcrest Sound Karaoke, and Derotha Garrett) - should be good times and it's $7 I think? and it starts at 8pm in the courtyard.
Shorter College is putting on something fun - The Next Best Thing to Broadway (A Musical Cabaret) - it's a fundraiser for the Friends of Theater. Click here for the Arts calendar. NOTE - the performance will be at Coosa Valley Tech - not at Shorter campus.
And don't forget - Thunderbolt Patterson at Old Havana, Friday, 9pm - also, Chiaha Arts Festival this weekend. I will be there selling poinsettias for the Junior Service League.


  1. I got gas for $2.39/g Suck on that!

  2. If we're having a gas comparison, I paid $2.16 the other day. Boo-ya! BTW I LOVE that his favorite book is the dictionary, books rule! And what a cute Halloween outfit, I have to break out my machine today to make (H)'s caterpillar costume. How are thing 1 and 2 coming?

  3. Parralellograms! Trapezoids! Who knew Mexican food could be so educational?! That was a great night...