Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update

Here we are at Monday again!
I had a fairly good weekend, but I am still not feeling great. Apparently walking pneumonia turned into bronchitis...yuck-o.

I spent Saturday chilling...then watched some football in the afternoon. (WAR EAGLE!!!) I ended up on a spontaneous sushi excursion at Rome's own "RuSan's" - and it was fabulous!!! My friend Stephen Dillon and I had a Rainbow Roll, a Dynamite Roll and something called the Olympic 5-ring...and some edamame on top of it all. Fabulocity. It was REALLY good.

Sunday I slept in a little, did some laundry (story of my life), and went and got my chickadees. They had a nice weekend with Mema (their grandmother) and all is well here in River City.

On the upcoming Rome, GA, agenda for October -
October 11 - Trout Unlimited's 13th Annual Chili Cook-off @ Ridge Ferry Park -

October 25 & 26 - Chiaha Harvest Fair, Ridge Ferry Park -

There's probably more - but these are two events I'm planning on attending without a doubt. I heart outdoor events like this in the fall. Good times!

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