Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The downhill slide!!!

Update on ballet - was fabulous! Carson was the youngest there (it's a 3-6 year old class, and she JUST turned 3 last month...) but she did great, listened and sat still (well as still as her little 3 year old body would allow). Cole was so proud of her, it makes my heart to bust - he told her he looked SO VERY PRETTY in her ballerina clothes...ah, be still my heart...and that she was the best dancer ever.

I'm off to court today...folks on probation who got in trouble...I have a calendar call tomorrow. Bella is at the vet...she has a boo boo on her tail (think it's a "hot spot" - infected place. Ick.) Last time I fell off the wagon with the blogging was in the middle of my trial calendar, so if you don't hear from me for several days, that's why...if you want to hear about my day - email me. I'll send you my number ;)

On tap for the weekend (I know it's only Wednesday...but we're on the DOWNHILL SLIDE!!!):
- Junior League Kickoff Party Friday
- First Friday Concert
- I'M GETTING CABLE (woo hoo - note to self, call friend that does computer stuff and get him to check out my laptop)
- Saturday - after cable, possibly work on the Treehouse for Rome project with young, (trials next week)...I have no real plans for the evening but I'm looking forward to laid back relaxation...


  1. Whoohoo! I'm so glad Carsie liked Ballet! AJ's class starts tomorrow, she took a Tap/Ballet combo class last year and is SO into it. I'm so glad we were able to find a place up here and I can't wait for her to start back, it's such a good energy releaser! Happy end of the week!

  2. Happy weekend, missed you. Call me if you have a minute.