Friday, September 26, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

Casey (my little sis) is having a girl...she already has a name picked - Sadie. I'm excited!!!

That's all the real news I have for today...bring on the weekend, baby. Sweaty boys in tight pants (college football) and nice fall weather, maybe some good BBQ...I'm set.

What are YOU up to this weekend? Nothing, you say? Come hang out with me - my email is in my profile, ... ;)


  1. I'd love to come over and hang with you babe... Unfortunately it's about 8 hours between Rome and Indy...

  2. lots of girls being born! Go Pink!

  3. Yay! Tell her I said congrats! Have a great weekend! Love ya!

  4. Wishin I could come down! But I am "retreating" with the youth leadership at church! ugh
    heart u