Friday, September 5, 2008

Ce-le-brate good times...COME ON!

WOO HOO for the weekend...It has been a doozie of a week. (Doozie (doozy?) is such a nerdy word. I embrace my nerdiness...just go with it...) Even with the holiday Monday, I've kicked some tail this week. I had probation revocation hearings on Wednesday, a trial calendar yesterday and made it to the jail twice to meet with my incarcerated clients. Phew.

AND, it's now FRIDAY. I have a dilemma. I've got a Junior League kickoff party tonight at 7...but it's also the (free) First Friday concert and I've talked to several (non Jr. League) folks who have asked me if I'm going to be there. It also starts at 7. What is a popular girl to do? I think I"ll go to the kickoff party FIRST and visit, and then head to the 1st Friday.

Tomorrow I get cable!!! Bring ON the college football. Ahhh...the simple pleasures in life.

Carol - if you read this, I will call you this afternoon, got the email/chat about your phone...but can't call right this second. I love you.

Well, folks, tune in next week for updates on my two misdemeanor trials - a DUI and a simple times here in River City!

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