Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One down, one to go...

I finished my first misdemeanor trial of the week before lunch today. Not Guilty verdict (justice was served ;) ) - and I am picking a jury for tomorrow's case in the morning. We shall see.

From today:
1. I forgot Carsie's ballet things and she has ballet at 5:30 (pulling a Homer Simpson - "doh!" at this point...BAD MOMMY!)
2. I feel like crap. Really. I thought taking the non-drowsy cold medicine would help but now I feel worse...ugh.
3. To add to the crappy feeling, I ate a chili dog for lunch. It was so YUM! on the way down but now my stomach has disowned me. ugh.
4. I am really tired. Small children invaded my bed in the middle of the night and we all coughed and played "Kick Mommy until 6 am" ugh ugh ugh...

***NEWS FLASH*** Please note the new little thing over here-------->>> in the sidebar entitled "Followers" - and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up to be a faithful follower, even if I don't know you. Really, I won't think it's creepy, I'll be flattered. It's really nice to know who my readers are (and even if you aren't necessarily a "faithful follower" and never actually read my blog, but if you're feeling generous and need a good dose of kharma - bring it and sign up. You shall be rewarded!!! ;) Thank you. PSA is over, stepping off soap box now.
That's really all I have to say. It's Tuesday. Just 3 more days until the weekend. *sigh*

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