Monday, September 15, 2008

A Monday to-do List

OK - so I totally need to be organized today. Why is Monday always so JAM-PACKED? Here is my to-do list for the early part of the week - notations made as to what is already done...

1. Transfer cash to second account (accidentally paid sitter from wrong checkbook) - DONE!
2. Pay credit card bill - due tomorrow - DONE!
3. Go to court and enter pleas, ask for Motion to Suppress (DONE! - gotta go back for the "order" granting my motion to let my girl outta jail at 1:30 PM)
4. Write brief for sister's car accident case (due Wednesday - 1/2 done)
5. Pay September tuition ($1000!!!) for C & C at Berry. (planned for lunchtime)
6. Motion for New Trial (must be done by 4 pm today - not done yet...)
7. Keep trying to hunt down specific business owners re: sponsorship of Jr. Service League...ugh.
8. Drink more coffee
9. Spray & Wash and launder Carsie's ballet stuff for tomorrow
10. Call chick in charge of babysitting at Jr. League meeting (which is tomorrow night, AFTER ballet)
11. Confirm kids' weekend plans...then figure out whether I can play tennis on Thursday or not, and call captain if I can't.
12. Call Yolanda and see if I can swing a cheap house-cleaning deal.
13. Call State Farm Insurance re: homeowner's policy.
14. Confirm plans for Beer Festival this weekend!!!
15. Sort out the probation revocation petitions sitting on my desk and go to the jail to prepare for hearings next week on these.
16. Um, I think that's it for the very moment.

Are you exhausted reading this? And it's not even lunch time on Monday yet - but it was raining softly and steadily this morning when I woke up to two cuddly little people and a hairy dog in my bed. Sweet! Three of us wanted to stay asleep in the cozy knit t-shirt sheets - Carson, however, INSISTED on blueberry oatmeal at 7am sharp, so we got up. *sigh* I even remembered my umbrella this morning! We went to the grocery store yesterday (Note to self: The grocery store pretty much sucks at any point with two preschoolers begging for Batman Fruit Roll-ups and Squishy Bouncy Balls, etc. - but it's particularly bad on Sunday afternoons (when the entirety of Floyd County shops in their church clothes...including us) - and even worse when all FOUR of the race car carts have been commandeered by those quicker than us...)

In all actuality, the trip was successful. My kids (leave it to MY kids) figured out that it's REALLY fun to ride UNDER the buggy - on the part reserved for huge bags of dog food, cases of water, etc. They were actually not half as wild as I expected - but of course, this being Rome, GA - I saw 10 people I knew there and had to stop and say hi...and we had to make 3 trips to the potty (with frozen things left in the basket, of course...) Anyway, tonight, we're having homemade whole-wheat 3 cheese ravioli with vodka sauce and freshly grated parmesan. Anyone hungry? Beats frozen pizza, fo' shizzle. Tuesday is Schroeder's to-go because of the ballet/Jr. League madness - but Wednesday we are having chicken quesadillas and guacamole salad. YUMMO...

OK - this is a really long blogarino. Gotta get busy on that to-do list at some point today!


  1. one word...


    Although I love that you have things like washing ballet stuff intermingled with probation revocations!

  2. *Sigh* Schroder's = yum. It looks like we both have long posts today, that's what Mondays are for though, hashing out all those things we did over the weekend and thing we need to do this week. Have a great week, I miss you. Let's plan a time to see each other. I think we're coming to Rome for the fair on October 4th, E&S invited us, maybe we can hook up then?
    Love ya!

  3. just as fyi - when you are checking the log on I'm the Macon one. I guess b/c our main server is in Macon- even though I work in Hotlanta!