Wednesday, September 24, 2008

College Football - week 5 preview!!!

FIRST - before we get to football...TODAY IS THE DAY!!!
Today is the day my baby sister has her ultrasound at the OB's office to find out if the baby is a niece or a nephew for me. (Have I mentioned that I love my brother-in-law but seeing as Casey is my baby sister (she's 27) as far as I'm concerned this is the second virgin birth ;) ) We are meeting my whole hoot-a-nanny family in Emerson (what, you've never heard of Emerson? Your loss...) at Doug's Place for supper. Good times. I see chicken fried steak in my future and lots of gravy.

OK - now that that is out of the way - BRING ON THE FOOTBALL. There is, as far as I know, not much going on in Rome this weekend. There is (you locals take note) a Budweiser "American Ale" tasting starting at Old Havana Cigar Co. on FRIDAY at 5:30 - so be sure to stop by for some beer. I will be there probably around 7:30 or 8... BUT, because I'm unaware of any outdoor festivals (or other free alcohol ;) ) I will be camped out watching football all weekend. (Check schedule here... )

These are the ones I'm geared up for...
Kent State v. Ball State on ESPN+ (well, I'm not really interested in that one, but my friend Liam's MIGHTY FIGHTING CARDINALS will be playing, and since there's not much else interesting on at noon, I might see if I can find it...)
North Carolina @ Miami

3:30 p.m. -
Tennessee @ AUBURN (WAR EAGLE!!!)


7:45 p.m. -
Alabama @ Georgia

Whoo-hoo...good football days are ahead!!!

OK - so there was my football diversion of the day...have a happy one!


  1. Hey it's the MIGHTY BALL STATE FIGHTING CARDINALS' homecoming...

    Keep an eye on Nate Davis... he's only a junior and people are comparing him to Rothlesberger...

  2. What?! No plans to watch the 1-2 Fightin' Texas Aggies take on the 0-3 Black Knights of West Point?!!! And you call yourself a college football fan . . . you should be ashamed. ;)

  3. My plans include absolutely NO FOOTBALL. But I am not american...perhaps that is it.