Monday, September 22, 2008

Coffee, please...

Monday. Again.
It comes around so fast, darn it! I was feeling so much better by Friday - spent the better part of the day talking to my incarcerated clients (I think I saw 9 folks) at the jail. Of course, going to the jail is a catch-22 - you go to "get some work done" but seeing as you are at the jail, you have 9 clients' worth of work to handle when you get back.

I'd show you my to-do list again, but it would just depress you. Court this week, too - probation revocations and arraignments. And, I finished my September trial calendar last week, right? Well, guess what was sitting in my box on Friday? OCTOBER'S TRIAL CALENDAR!!! It never ends, but I do love my job. I'm busy, I'm fairly good at it, and it's always changing.

So, my chickadees spent the weekend in Alabama. Went to Chuck E. Cheese (SO sorry I missed that trip ;) ) - and had a super good time. I went to the BEER FESTIVAL! A great big shout out to RACA and all the volunteers and beer vendors that made that so wonderful. I had a great great time and the fall weather was to-die-for! Then went on to watch the UGA/Arizona State game (go Dawgs!) and although I'm severely disappointed that Auburn lost to LSU - Auburn made a better showing than I expected. The winning LSU touchdown was made in the LAST MINUTE! (well, I think it was 1:03 left...) *sigh* At least it was fun to watch (the parts I actually got to watch, since most the folks I was hanging with wanted to watch Georgia, of course...

I think that's all I have to share. I'm not particularly funny or witty today, I'm still medicated for this walking pneumonia stuff. ugh - but my sweet baby sister has her ultrasound this week to see if I'm having a niece or a nephew! Updates as I have 'em.


  1. Hey my might fighting Cardinals of Ball State thrashed Indiana despite losing the nation's top receiver in the first half (Darius Love is going to be ok after he had surgery to fix spinal fractures).

    Anyways... 42-20 baby... 4-0 WOOT!

  2. Shut the heck up. It's not so much that I wanted Georgia to win...I just really wanted Alabama to lose...sigh. WA-A-A-R EAGLE...!!!