Friday, September 12, 2008

Shout out to my JuneBug Mommas

Ransom mid-day post:
I see that my girls are here!!! (I am a good snoop and see that there are lots of folks arriving from!!!) Someone must have posted a link to my blog.

The best part is - I know WHO lives in College Station, TX, Germany, Iowa, etc. :heart: And I think of you all by name!!!

I LOVE YOU GIRLS AND I MISS YOU TERRIBLY!!! ALL of you - *sigh* I might be able to jump on with wireless laptop access at the courthouse for a few minutes here and there in the near future - I will DEFINITELY stop by soon.

Hugs to everyone. I feel so lost without you!


  1. Miss you Mama! The days aren't the same without you.

  2. ahhh so glad you are doing well! Miss you!!!!


  3. J.J. I miss you and I miss chatting it up with you on the board.

  4. I thought of you last night as we ate JJ's chicken tacos!! hope to see you soon on the board : )
    Hil & Lily

  5. Your tacos are famous world-round!

  6. OOohhh, good idea - I'll post the crock-pot chicken tacos on my blog! Then I reallY WILL be famous ;) (But I totally scabbed the recipe from ;) )

  7. I think the board will have to take up a collection to get the holes drilled in your house for the cable so we can have you back ;)

  8. Miss you! sounds like you are doing amazing!!!!

  9. hey girl..

    I'm glad to see that you are OK! I replied to your email ages ago.. I hope it didn't get lost!..
    miss you!