Sunday, September 7, 2008

I HEART College Football!

Yesterday was a really perfect day, really. I got up and drank coffee on my back porch, took a shower, met the cable guy...who showed up ON TIME at shortly after 11. Unfortunately for all you internet friends...I still don't actually HAVE cable. Something about the phone lines being "home-run" and mine aren't, and the guy was going to have to drill holes and run new lines which equals more money...and HEY! my house is still on the market, and I really really don't think that drilling holes and running new lines is what I want to get involved in at the moment. I just want to sell my house. For realzies.

OK, so back to the perfect day...I left the house around 11:30, busting it to get somewhere that is showing the Auburn-Southern Miss I showed up at Old Havana and all the guys there are watching the Tech game. Snooze... ;) Just kidding, of course, all you tech fans - and they DID beat the crapola out of Boston College, so for you here's a shout out to the Ramblin' Wrecks...but, there ARE two TVs at the cigar shop, so I turned the other one onto the Auburn game and drank some coffee with my friend Joey and watched Auburn smack Southern Miss a good one. Excellent running by the offense. The defensive line fell apart a little there mid-game and allowed a few touchdowns, but maybe that was just good sportsmanship...he he. I left at half-time and ate at El Zarape with Joe - and then back for the second half. WOO HOO! Then, of course the beer drinking began with the kick-off of the GA game (after a quick check on other scores by flipping it to ESPN for a second...) Saw lots of lawyer-buddies in and out for an hour or two throughout the times. Eventually the GA game was over and I got invited to see a film that was being shown at the City Auditorium at 7 as part of I went with my friends Tricia and Jonathan and enjoyed "Phantom of the Opera" - a silent movie with an orchestral background - 3 guys playing a myriad of instruments. Very fun and entertaining.

Then back to the bar/TVs for the second half of the Miami/Florida game. Fun times.

Eventually I went to sleep. But a good football Saturday was very gratifying and I'm grateful. I have a trial or two starting tomorrow, so I need to get crackin' on that...I hope everyone is doing well!


  1. actually having cable in the house will be a good perk for whoever wants to buy it. I know buying our lot having the cable, natural gas already there and not having to pay for it ourselves was a wonderful thing.

  2. thanks...we have cable. We had cable TV/internet for 7 years - but this cable had to do something with the phone lines (i signed up for the digital voice package...)

    I know you're just wanting me back - AND I MISS YOU GIRLS, TOO!!! sniff sniff...