Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Middle o' the week blues...

This has not been a stellar day, but all things considered, it's getting better mostly because of the banana nut muffin sitting on my desk...

I feel terrible! This is the time of year when I get the preschool sniffles that C & C bring home. They have them, too...which leads to an incessant hacking cough that is more annoying than anything, especially when I'm trying to sleep at night.

I had my second (and last) jury trial of this month today. Guilty verdict. The guy was NOT happy...he has to go to jail until Sunday night, so he has to take 2 more days off work. The thing is that the plea recommendation was for only 12 months probation (i.e. no jail time) and he insisted on a jury trial...I hate it, but I know I did my best. I'm not the one who committed the crime, ya know?

In any event, my to-do list is catching up with me - at work and in my personal life. I need a day off to handle all my errands and minor inconveniences like cleaning the toilets, etc. I would love a personal assistant, but you know, I can't really afford it on my public defender salary. Alas, there is the rub.

Bring on the weekend, already! I need college football therapy!


  1. All I know is my Ball State Fighting Cardinals are 2-0 baby! wooooooo!

  2. I saw the Navy game last week - well, parts of it, anyway...good times. Sigh...only 3 more days until Saturday...gotta find some friends with TV.